The Civil War & the Underground Railroad

Civil War e-books

· The Looming Conflict: Radicals, Rebels and the Road to Civil War

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Civil War Resources

· Underground Railroad Timeline based on the book Bound for Canaan.

· View Bordewich's presentation for the U.S. Capitol Historical Society conference on the Civil War, Creating an Army to Preserve the Nation.

· Underground Railroad Free Press with articles, Underground railroad radio program, documentary, tour destination, Free Press Prize and more.

Civil War Radio and TV
with fergus m bordewich

· Bordewich helps actress Zooey Deschanel research her family background of strong women and finds one who helped in the Underground Railroad. Read more on Fergus' blog.

· A Clear Take On The Rebel Yell: Bordewich explains the Rebel Yell to NPR's Linda Wertheimer. Read more on Fergus' blog.

· Monitoring & Financing The Civil War: Bordewich talks about the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War, the Congressional panel created to monitor Northern military affairs. U.S. Capitol Historical Society‚Äôs July 2012 Civil War Symposium broadcast on American History TV.

Civil War Articles
by fergus m bordewich

· The Underground Railroad at the Essential Civil War Curriculum

· Civil War Veterans Come Alive in Audio and Video Recordings

· How America’s Civil War Changed the World

· Fergus M. Bordewich comments on his article about the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, Face the Nation

· Bordewich on Levi Coffin

· Bordewich on slavery and the Underground Railroad

· Bordewich on “The Myth of Black Confederates”

Other Civil War & Underground railroad Links

· The Essential Underground Railroad Curriculum

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· The Civil War at the Lincoln Archives Digital project

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· Underground Railroad interactive guide for teachers

· Underground Railroad PBS Special

· Wikipedia on the Underground Railroad and the Civil War

· Civil War research engine at Dickinson College

· The Antebellum Project: School Ties, Slavery and The Unravelling of American Politics

· Dr. Allen C. Guelzo: Henry R. Luce Professor of the Civil War Era & Director, Civil War Era Studies Program, Gettysburg College